Hi, y'all! No, not Kansas...I hail from Tennessee, USA. I grabbed that nick because my name is Emily and I needed a name that nobody else was using in the internet group that I had joined.

Anyway, to get on with the story, I have been told that I learned to read when I was three or four years old...sitting on my "Mimi's" lap in her wheelchair. I do remember watching her finger follow the words on the pages of the books. Books opened up a whole world for me and the love of reading is still with me today. Please, I beg you, read to your children or to your grandchildren. Your lives will be enriched by it!

In third grade art class, Sister Mary Monica asked me to paint a favorite scene. I loved the ducks in the park, so it was a picture of the white ducks. Some of them were just the rear ends showing tipped up above the water line. *lol* Well, that's all ya saw of them. My art career was on a roll! I was an Art Major in college, but it was not to be a real "career". I have sold pen and ink drawings and many craft items over the years, but mainly worked in a photo engraving company, a bookstore and then retail after our only daughter was older.

For twenty-three years, we were a Navy family. I married my DH while in my third year of college and off we went to his duty station in Connecticut! The Submarine Service kept us on the move about every two years or so We lived from Kittery, Maine to Jacksonville, Florida...and stayed on the East Coast the whole time except for shore duty of five years in Mississippi. What an adventure it was! Hard to believe he's been retired since 1985.

Even I am retired now after nearly fifteen years of working for Target Stores. Ahhh, but that's when I could devote more time to computer graphics...and I have thoroughly enjoyed what I can do with Paint Shop Pro, my one and only graphics program It's a fantastic program! I made all the graphics on this site with it and this little "Dancin' Auntie" too. *g*

As you drift along in this site, you'll soon discover that I'm an animal lover. All kinds...horses in particular...and cats...and dogs...and...well, you know...critters. *rotfl* As I write this, my horse, Tiger, is out there in his pasture surrounded by the flock of forty wild turkeys that have taken up residence with us this year. He runs off the Canada Geese that land in his territory, but I think Tiger misses the roosters we used to have. {We saved them from a stewpot, but the hawks and raccoons made meals of them!} A story for another page in this site! *lol*

You'll probably find some links to outdoor activity sites on the links page. We love camping, canoeing, caving and hiking, although age is catching up with us and we don't do nearly enough of any of them lately. Shame on us! We live in a beautiful country and now have a 32 acre "farm" in Middle Tennessee. Ummm...I use that term loosely...we don't really farm anything unless rocks count. *g* The wildlife sure does love us!

I guess that's enough about me for the time being. You're probably ready to see more of what I have in here. OK...click another button!

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